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Each year, MAEP selects an Outstanding Environmental Professional of the Year (OEPY).  We define an OEPY as a professional associate who has achieved distinction in his/her environmental career, especially in the past year. Nominations for the OEPY are accepted until early November of each year, and the OEPY is selected before our annual meeting in early December.

2019 OEPY Nomination Form

The Current (2015) OEPY is:

S. Lynne Kohon
Executive Director
Michigan Association of Environmental Professionals


Voted on unanimously by the Board of Directors, Lynne Kohon was awarded the 2015 OEPY at MAEP’s Annual Meeting on December 3, 2015. Lynne has been the Executive Director of MAEP for over 27 years.

Lynne took over the reigns of MAEP in 1988, ten years after MAEP was founded in 1978. Under her leadership, the association has more than tripled its membership and has grown to over 400 members.

During her years with MAEP, Lynne has overseen technical assistance publications, countless professional development meetings, quarterly newsletters, HAZWOPER training, and asbestos refresher training, to name a few. In addition, she has assisted in the annual golf outings, which have generated more than $150,000 in grant money awarded to various schools/organizations. She has also handled all administrative duties, including board agendas, membership roles, member communication, and accounting responsibilities.

MAEP is not only an organization that has helped teach and train environmental professionals, but under her leadership Lynne has helped create a welcoming environment in which members enjoy getting together with their peers.

Lynne graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree with High Honor. She lives in Okemos with her husband John Cooper and has a daughter, Anika Kohon. Lynne will be retiring at the end of 2015.

Past OEPYs include

2014:     Mr. John Bradburn

2013:     (in memory of) Timothy R. Cullen. Accepted by Claire Cullen

2012:     Dr. John Hartig

2011:     Mr. Steven C. Nadeau, Esq.

2010:     Dr. James Harless

2009:     Mr. Andrew Hogarth

2008:     Mr. Keneth Gold

2007:     Mr. Gary Klepper

2006:     Mr. Robert G. Neumann

2004:     Mr. James P. Shannon

2003:     Mrs. Marcella J. Colling

2001:     Mr. Terry Begnoche

2000:     Mr. John Stender

1999:     Ms. Lynelle Marolf

1998:     Ms. Rena Pomaville

1997:     Mr. Grant R. Trigger

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